Play Clean Ltd. can provide installation of various materials including:

Playground Pea Stone

Playground pea stone is washed, round; clear pea stone sized 5/16″-3/8″. Pea stone is used to create aggregate concrete surfaces. It is a cost-effective surface that may be used as a play surface or walkway.

Playground Sand

Playground sand is evenly grated, clean, washed fine sand free of clay, organic material and other harmful matter. The result — environmentally clean sand with a consistent, uniform particle size distribution. Playground sand is cost-effective surface that may be installed in sandboxes and sand play areas.

Top Soil and Sod

Top soil is sifted through a fine screen to remove all weeds and debris, and to ensure an even consistency that will be easy to work into the existing ground. Top soil may be used in landscape areas or as a base for sod.

Sod/grass is a great surface for active children who like to run and play games. Lush, green grass can also be a visually appealing addition to your playground.

Playground Wood Chips

Playground wood chips are created from virgin White Cedar (not recycled) and approximately 1″ uniform size. Playground wood chips provide an extremely effective impact-attenuating playground surface material. They are not only environmentally friendly, but the natural wood look also provides an esthetically appealing surface.

Playground wood chips require low maintenance and are best contained with plastic or wood barriers around the play area.

Rototilling & Replenishing

Over time, surfaces such as woodchips, sand and pea stone will become compacted and no longer meet CSA standards.

Rototilling and Replenishing can be provided to loosen and top up the existing surface to regain the proper levels and fall heights to ensure the safety of your play surface.

We highly recommend yearly rototilling of your surface as well as replenishing to meet CSA standards

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